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Do You Need to Pivot Your Website Strategy?

It isn’t often that ScheinerInc. is given an opportunity to respond to a client’s question about knowing what we know now about their brand and purpose, if we were to redo their site again, what would we do differently and how would we demonstrate to investors and the medical community why this company and its transformative medicines can make a difference.

Graybug Vision is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on developing the next generation of transformative medicines for the treatment of vision-threatening eye diseases.

ScheinerInc. was introduced to Graybug a few years ago, shortly after it had undergone a rebranding of the organization that would coincide with the company going public. The new branding was re-energized by a sunflower yellow and warm dark gray color palette and bold typeface, which personified a company that was forward-thinking and wanted to distance itself from a passive and boring blue-green and white color scheme.

Breaking Though the Noise

Our objective was to not only revitalize the website, but to excite prospective investors and bring to life Graybug’s “We see a world of vibrant possibilities” strategy by bringing greater clarity about what it does and how it is poised to impact how ophthalmologists and clinical professionals treat retinal diseases and glaucoma.

The revitalized digital experience provided greater transparency into the science and pipeline, thereby enabling potential investors to stay current on drug milestones and to see why Graybug is best positioned to make a difference. This was complemented by a desktop and mobile user experience that reinforced ease and simplicity.

Pivoting the Site’s Strategy

With the recent addition of several new technologies and pipeline compounds, the current site architecture had quickly outgrown its ability to scale and to allow investors and the medical community to fully understand how Graybug’s pipeline is uniquely positioned to address the immediate and long-term needs impacting retinal and corneal diseases as well as glaucoma.

ScheinerInc.’s goal was to elevate the larger Graybug Vision story, simplify the user experience, and further solidify the company’s credibility with investors and the medical community.

Removing UX Hurdles

We examined the current site and discussed with our client how we could improve the experience for the brand and audiences, and whether we should revisit the site’s page hierarchy and its overall impact on the flow of the following pages. In addition, we explored further by asking:

Are the pages working hard enough? Can we get visitors to spend more time on the site and view more pages?

How can we use the home page to inform as well as tease different disease areas and entice visitors to learn more?

Where can we remove unnecessary content that is weighing down the pages, while incorporating the new pipeline into the website?

How can we easily explain what the unmet need is for each disease, what Graybug is solving for and what underlying technologies are being developed to address these challenges?

What can we do to eliminate the density of each page, while making the results of each clinical trial more meaningful?

Deliver Purpose and Empathy Across Every Page

Once we had a better understanding of Graybug’s technology pipeline and its ambitious goals, we recognized that the site needed to allow for continuous growth for the long term.

It also needed to have the flexibility to scale up, permit easy updates to deprioritize programs and/or to elevate additions of new disease areas, and the ability to show the results of clinical trial programs. So, instead of structuring the pages around the technologies, we reorganized the site by placing greater emphasis on the diseases Graybug is solving for.