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How do you revitalize a biotech’s online presence?

By telling a compelling story of life-saving innovation.


CalciMedica is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative therapies for life-threatening inflammatory diseases affecting the pancreas, kidney and lungs.

However, its previous website failed to effectively communicate the company’s overarching strategy, generate excitement for its mission, or showcase its technologies and pipeline. Moreover, the site’s clinical language and complexity made it difficult to understand for potential investors and other audiences.


To address these challenges, CalciMedica engaged us to redesign its website in conjunction with a public offering and new logo design. Our strategy was to simplify the story of how CalciMedica’s technology works, what it does and why it has the potential to transform the standard of care for patients affected by acute inflammatory illnesses.


As a result, we transformed CalciMedica’s website into a more approachable and personable platform that is easy to navigate and understand for all audiences. The new site design and color palette also set it apart from competitors and other biotech sites.

Thanks to our redesign efforts, CalciMedica’s website now better showcases its expertise, research and pipeline related to CRAC channel inhibitors and its lead candidate, Auxora™, to potential investors and the medical community. View the site here.

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