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How do you stimulate user signups?

By redesigning a conversion process that’s clear and simple.


CuriosityStream is a global streaming platform specializing in educational and documentary content. To boost monthly subscriptions, CuriosityStream aimed to enhance its website performance by addressing user journey pain points, particularly focusing on drop-offs and form abandonment during email registration and subscription sign-ups. The goal was to benchmark against competitors and leverage analytics to identify where users disengage and provide actionable insights to improve conversion rates.


Our analysis showed that user sessions start strong with 18 million users but drop sharply to 21,000 conversions. Mobile is the preferred platform, but its user journey is problematic, with excessive scrolling and poorly placed CTAs causing friction. To further validate our assessment, we conducted a HotJar survey that confirmed our insights regarding messaging, user experience, and pricing barriers. We also found that competitors offer clearer, more streamlined subscription processes, emphasizing ease of signing up with prominent free trial offers. Additionally, there were too many opportunities within the current user experience that allowed users to click off the page and disrupt the conversion process.


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Our strategy was devised to address three areas impacting the website’s subscription goals: messaging, user experience, and design. We began by incorporating “offer” messaging throughout the page and elevating key messaging to highlight CuriosityStream’s unique value, as well as adding user testimonials. Plan options were consolidated onto a single screen to minimize scrolling. Additionally, we removed all opportunities for users to click off the page by adding a way to filter and review content within the page. We also streamlined the onboarding process by simplifying it into three clear steps and explored SSO options to expedite the subscription process. We modernized the current design system and simplified the color palette to ensure that all actionable text and CTAs were always prominent to the user.

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