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How do you reverse climate change for the future of all of Georgia?

By inspiring and activating a State of Change.


The Ray C. Anderson Foundation assembled a coalition of climate and science researchers from Georgia Tech, Emory University, the University of Georgia and other academic institutions, which have identified 21 solutions via which to achieve carbon neutrality within Georgia.

The Foundation’s objective was to centralize these solutions within a single platform that would be both aspirational and actionable, while providing real-time visibility into who is doing what and how, collectively, every resident in the state has the power to initiate change.


Under the Drawdown Georgia (DDGA) initiative, Scheiner Inc. was asked to activate the “State of Change” strategy by devising a data-driven platform that would inform and inspire residents, companies and communities to come together and take action based on projects, while providing each individual with various levels of involvement.


Scheiner Inc. created a digital experience that is centered around simplicity and inclusivity by welcoming audiences of all backgrounds into a conversation around climate change, and by allowing the Drawdown Georgia site to tell its story through visuals and real-time data that encourages discovery, while navigating the user down the path of participating in “Crowdsolving” activities, creating advocacy and resulting in a State of Change.

View the DDGA site here.

  • Real-time newsfeed
  • Lead gen forms and gated content
  • Custom visualization via CSV data
  • Persistent link for sharing of content
  • Downloading of source data as CSV
  • Hubspot API
  • Groopit API
  • Donorbox
  • Userway Accessibility Plugin

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