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How do you shift category misperception?

By positioning a retirement community as the standard for COVID-19 safety.


Located across eight retirement communities throughout Seattle, Era Living was the very first retirement community to be exposed to the virus; it was also the first to act to ensure the safety of residents and staff members and require broader testing. Despite these efforts, its negative association with nursing homes courtesy of the media, combined with the fear of contracting COVID-19, have significantly impacted the sales pipeline.


ScheinerInc.’s “Life Continues Inside” strategy enabled prospective residents, their family members and the media to look inside of Era Living’s retirement communities as seen through the lens of its residents, family members and staff, while immediately distancing Era Living from any association with nursing homes.


To further support this strategy and what Era Living says and does, we developed messaging centralized around transparency, empathy and data—messaging that didn’t circumvent the questions the audience was thinking about, supported by video testimonials of residents, virtual events, acknowledgement by the CDC, and by leveraging key partnerships with the University of Washington School of Nursing and School of Pharmacy to validate the proactive measures that Era Living took to mitigate the pandemic.

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