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How do you recreate a brand to bring greater clarity about what it does?

By showing why it’s uniquely positioned to capture market share.


Graybug Vision is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on developing the next generation of products for the treatment of chronic vision-threatening diseases of the retina and optic nerve. With an upcoming corporate initiative in Q4 2020, the organization is looking to elevate its overall brand perception and messaging.


ScheinerInc.’s goal was to bring to life the “We see a world of vibrant possibilities” strategy by humanizing the organization and by bringing greater clarity about what it does.


A new digital experience, reinforcing ease and simplicity for patients, while establishing a two-way relationship for the medical community with industry leaders, as well as greater transparency into GrayBug’s clinical trial pipeline, thereby enabling potential investors to stay current on drug milestones and to see why GrayBug is best positioned to capture market share.

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