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How do you recreate a brand to bring greater clarity about what it does?

By showing why it’s uniquely positioned to capture market share.


Graybug Vision is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on developing the next generation of transformative medicines for the treatment of vision-threatening eye diseases.

With the recent addition of several new technologies and pipeline compounds, the current site architecture had quickly outgrown its ability to scale and to allow investors and the medical community to fully understand how Graybug’s pipeline is uniquely positioned to address the immediate and long-term needs impacting retinal and corneal diseases as well as glaucoma.


ScheinerInc.’s goal was to elevate the larger Graybug Vision story, simplify the user experience and further solidify Graybug Vision’s credibility with investors and the medical community.


To ensure that we delivered empathy across every page, we relied heavily on imagery, statistics and storytelling to enliven Graybug’s “We see new ways to healthier vision” strategy and how it is positively impacting each patient’s quality of life.

This new digital experience simplified how pages were accessed, while increasing the readability of all content. The new site architecture easily allows for the addition of future solutions and technology acquisitions, thus enabling the site to quickly scale by adding templated pages and minimizing future development costs.

In addition, the redesigned website provides greater transparency into Graybug’s clinical pipeline, thereby enabling potential investors to stay current on drug milestones and to see why Graybug is best positioned to capture market share.

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