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How do you expand a brand’s reach?

By untethering it from its physical locations


Recognized as a healthy fast-casual restaurant and juice bar, Incredible Edibles was expanding to include CBD products as way of pivoting into the health & wellness category. Led by a rebrand of its flagship store in Glastonbury, CT, Incredible Edibles wanted to reinvent its website to incorporate the new branding and understand how the website can serve as way to capitalize on the $20B+ CBD marketplace.


While digital media performance and organic search metrics validated the U.S. demand for CBD information and consumption, driving click-throughs to the blog pages on the current Incredible Edibles site, Google Analytics exposed almost a 40% drop-off on the home page, a 75% bounce rate and a low percentage of returning visitors. These metrics exposed a huge void in generating CBD sales, customer lifetime value (CLV) and in establishing Incredible Edibles as a trustworthy and knowledgeable resource for CBD products.


ScheinerInc.’s goal was to augment the growing consumer demand for CBD by unveiling Incredible Edibles as the country’s destination for CBD information and products.


With a goal of increasing sales conversions, we reinvented the site, focusing on consumer shopping data based on CBD product type, need, category and brand, enabling consumers to easily find or discover a variety of CBD products and related content. This approach also maximized digital media efforts and increased conversion opportunities and overall brand awareness through organic search.

To avoid confusion about Incredible Edibles as a CBD health & wellness e-commerce brand, any association with the physical store locations was relegated to the About Us section of the site.


With a shopping experience designed around product sales and discoverability, all pages create an opportunity to shop. Even the blog pages were reengineered to link back to products, or by need, to those product detail pages. By untethering Incredible Edibles from its physical locations and by increasing its visibility, we’ve been able to expand its geographic footprint to all 52 states and boost its position as a CBD health & wellness destination.

View the site here.

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