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How do you create opportunity for the largest fast-food chain?

By engaging with the customer 24/7.


We were challenged with transitioning the current McDonald’s Tri-State site from a repository of ads and offers to an activation and purchase generator, resulting in a destination that drives engagement and restaurant sales based on device and location.


Recommendations and integrations included an adaptive solution, with separate experiences optimized for desktop and mobile.


The web experience was rearchitected to shorten the path to purchase. We developed a minimalist navigation that placed high emphasis on three key areas. We created offers (coupons), find a location and menu; create a complete menu section with breakfast/lunch/dinner, value, classics and new products.

To increase conversion opportunities and to drive CRM loyalty programs, we layered on SMS opt-in for text-based couponing, made content shareable via social channels, and integrated Facebook and Twitter feeds for real-time content.

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