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How do you aggressively bring back an economy and 130 miles of shoreline?

By demonstrating the resilience of
the State of New Jersey.


Following Superstorm Sandy, my team and I developed an integrated digital communications strategy that included earned, owned and paid media driving to a consumer engagement hub powered by a YELP API as a frictionless tool for encouraging and driving tourism for all things Jersey Shore-related.


By engaging with various social media communities and activated through grassroots events and media, we created a content marketing campaign that highlighted that the Jersey Shore was “in fact” open for business. The “Stronger Than the Storm” tourism-driven campaign demonstrated the resilience and pride of the Jersey Shore communities.


In just over three months, the effort resulted in a 5.5% increase in hotel revenue, 79% of visitors said the campaign influenced them to visit the Shore, and it also led to the creation of over 6,400 jobs.

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