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How do you revive a legacy brand?

By using storytelling to modernize the brand and expand its offerings.


Southworth, the leader in Fine Paper, recognized that in order to address declining sales, it would need to modernize its brand while expanding its reach into adjacent product categories.


To expand the brand’s reach and its relevance, we wanted to remind people of the importance of sending a handwritten note or simply taking notice of meaningful everyday moments, which would then be documented in a letter, a note card or journal. This would allow individuals to engage in both the rational and emotional aspects of the brand, culminating in the new Southworth “Life Is Noteworthy” strategy.


We developed a digital experience that vitalized the “Life Is Noteworthy” strategy, while heightening the customer experience by creating clear access points for each audience and streamlining the retailer path to purchase. The site design focused on modernizing the brand visually and by repositioning Southworth as a lifestyle brand and making certain every page strengthened the brand’s promise of “meaningful moments never go unnoticed.” View the site here.

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