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How do you inspire local residents to act and learn more about on-demand parking?

By revealing how technology is eliminating the annoyance associated with traditional street parking.


Stak Mobility is an on-demand, app-enabled parking solution that is simplifying the parking experience for drivers. To generate interest from garages and validate this modern approach to parking with investors, Stak Mobility was looking to drive monthly parking occupancy within the highly congested area of Flushing, Queens.

However, Stak Mobility was challenged by both a hard-to-describe product in automated parking and how to find the best way to target it contextually to the right audience, at the right time, in the right area.  In addition, Flushing is a competitive space with competitive pricing and brand names.


ScheinerInc.’s goal was to get local residents to learn more about how they now had a one-click solution for monthly parking.


To maximize awareness, relevance and conversions, we architected localized search campaigns by zip code that integrated some intuitive high-intent audiences aside from just parking-related searches. These included:

Long-term vs. short-term parkers

Airport parking seekers

Citifield parking seekers

Big employers in a specific zip code

Drivers that had violations for on-street parking

Retargeting of these audiences via display

With paid social, we developed a series of ads focused on the daily frustrations associated with traditional parking versus the alternative of simply being able to simply click, park, pay and leave. This  campaign supported by a new website targeting prospective garage owners, real estate developers and investors. As well as a dedicated landing page for prospective customers.


Over a three-month period, we drove 2,250 qualified visits, which delivered 86 marketing-qualified leads.

Through this lead threshold, Stak Mobility was able to create a healthy pipeline, allowing them to complete the project, fill capacity and work on their next venture, in which they plan to leverage another iteration of this successful digital effort.


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