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How do you convey a CPG brand's relevance?

By showcasing its personality and full-flavor strategy


As one of the fastest-growing brands in the flavored carbonated water beverage space, Waterloo Sparkling Water wanted to activate its “Water Down Nothing” strategy through a website redesign that would position the brand uniquely and distance it from the crowded flavored carbonated water beverage space.


Waterloo Sparkling Water’s DNA is built on full-flavor artistry.

To bring this idea to life, we used oversaturated colors, mouthwatering photography and lifestyle imagery that embodied the “Water Down Nothing” mindset. We balanced the product and personality attributes of Waterloo Sparkling Water, while maximizing the goals of the business to increase sales and engagement.


One of the business objectives of the new site design was to direct as much site traffic as possible to buy online or navigate the consumer to a local Waterloo retailer.

To achieve this goal, we provided both organic and paid traffic, with multiple pathways to discover flavors, cross-selling opportunities, and additional content that strengthened the brand’s relevance and fortified its full-flavor strategy across every page.

While the site wasn’t a true direct-to-consumer e-commerce site, we optimized it to provide opportunities for visitors to engage with the Waterloo brand and make a purchase with every click. The website redesign successfully positioned Waterloo Sparkling Water uniquely and increased engagement and sales opportunities.

View the site here.

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